Climate change, its a huge problem and most people probably can’t, or choose not to fathom how serious and near-term this issue is. I have been concerned about this for ages, knowing exactly what awaits us in 30 years. If you want to read more about that and what you can do about it, I would recommend this piece I wrote on it.


One of the last hopes that our planet has might actually be Tesla and Elon Musk. Now there are multiple reasons why, but technology aside for a moment, they single-handedly made the electric car something that is not only desirable, but also sexy and cool. An idea, is the the worlds strongest weapon, it is also the hardest thing to kill. This is unfortunately also the reason why racism are still around. But now that this idea of clean technology being cool s out there, it cannot be stopped.


Whats up?

Tesla has a lot of competition that is desperately trying to catch up to it. This and the unusual financial model that the TSLA stock is based on has caused a lot of skepticism, negative press and outright hatred against Tesla and Elon Musk. Everyday negative news articles come out saying things like that Tesla will go bankrupt or that Elon needs to be thrown out as CEO or something ridiculous like that. Until now it was not that big of a problem, the skeptics were proven wrong year by year, life went on. Negative press is still press and can actually have a positive affect. Lately however the situation changed. The amount of bad news and media misinformation severely increased. This now started to have the effect that people who knew nothing or very little about Tesla ended up hearing the negative misinformation thinking that Tesla’s products are bad and dangerous and that the company will go bankrupt at any moment. This is when it became necessary to do something about this and where I had an idea how.


#Pravduh about Tesla


Near the middle of august, I had an idea. It occured to me that the best way to fight all the misinformation is to expose it. The best way of doing that is tracking the news and reporting the facts, presenting unbiased, shocking, irrefutable data that will make everyone think twice.


I came with this idea to my favorite news source on Tesla, a news source about clean technology and climate change, a website called CleanTechnica. I have been a reader of CleanTechnica for about 2 years. The founder and chief editor thought it was an amazing idea and wanted me to lead this project. He basically gave me a team with which we worked out a system on how to do this. Now unfortunately analyzing all the articles is beyond our capabilities for now. It would be a full-time job for at least 3 people and we didn’t have that kind of resources. So we realized that most people, especially people not particularly interested in Tesla still see and read the headlines that come by. So we decided to collect and analyse all article headlines. After some trial and error we figured out that basing the news on the implications to Tesla is best approach, rather than trying to determine whether the headline was written positively or negatively. The reason why this is less biased is that there is always good and bad news about a company, so we have nothing against bad news. Now making good news sound bad, not reporting good news when it comes and making multiple articles about the same negative event, that is misleading and that is what we expose with our data. We ourselves were also not quite prepared for the results we found. The negativity surrounding Tesla, a company that is performing miracles and doing really well should have a much more proportionate good news/ bad news ratio.


Our first weekly report was written by and published my data under the name of my boss because an account had not yet been created for me. But the second one I had written, in fact it was the first thing I had written for CleanTechnica. Then on September 17th at 11:11PM it happened. I was reading Elon’s new tweets as he was writing them, something I always do to stay informed. Then someone replied my #Pravduh report to Elon, he saw it and replied to it! “Very Interesting” the tweet read, that was the lottery moment, Elon Musk replied to something I had come up with and made. If that wasn’t enough already, 22 minutes later he again tweeted, this time replying directly to the CleanTechnica twitter post about my report. This means he in detail studied the report I made. It was a dream come true, I don’t think I ever dreamed of something this bold. Now what really adds the cherry to the top of the cake is that after this he started following CleanTechnica on twitter. This is really rare since he follows only 70 things or so, 10 of those being his own companies and family. What this means however is that if we wanted to, we could open a direct message chat to Elon at any time we want to. Something we are keeping in reserve for a special crucial moment. This also means that he sees all our articles come by on twitter and he gave the report of the week after that a like as well. Elon Musk follows #Pravduh, my initiative.


Since the reply on twitter we have also been receiving messages from companies who want to partner with us on #Pravduh. Suddenly I am getting Twitter followers who have 2,000 or even 40,000 followers. Suddenly I got thrown into Twitter group chats (yes apparently that’s actually a thing) with people all of whom have 2,000+ followers, and then there’s me….


To get a good idea of what #Pravduh entails, I suggest reading one of the reports like our first monthly report: 858 Tesla Headlines: 563 Negative & 122 Positive — #Pravduh About #Tesla In September

My goal for #Pravduh is creating an automated system that can help people understand media misinformation and slant when reading the news. How exactly we will do that will have to remain a secret for now until we actually do it and get it patented. 🙂


Fow now I am left with a pretty strange and cool life juggling not only my CMGT study and a serious relationship, but also a part-time job working for CleanTechnica writing columns and making #Pravduh reports that Elon Musk reads and some of the bigger birds tweet about on twitter.


Chanan Bos

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