Irritated Angry Bipolar


People say spread the love, right? Well, sometimes you just have to spread some hate. So I’m going to. A little Disclaimer, don’t feel personally attacked by the things I’m going to say or something.

Hate 1
Okay something I really really hate is people who when cycling stop in the front of the red traffic light, whilst there are already more people waiting. Just forcing themselves in front of the ‘queue’ Like, you are not better than anyone else, dipshit. But that’s not the worst thing, because often they also continue to cycle f*ing slowly…. So you have to pass them by again. And then at the next traffic light, EXACTLY THE SAME THING HAPPENS AGAIN.  Those people really have to learn how to act normal. Only writing about this makes me so angry. By the way, just cycling in general sucks.

Hate 2
I think this one is more relatable for some of you. People who eat loudly, sneeze, cough or make any other unnecessary noise. I’m sorry, but just don’t do it. I can’t handle these things and I’m trying to keep my mouth shut to not give a denigrating comment when these things happen.
Sometimes when I say that I find it annoying. People just laugh it off, while I’m really serious. So don’t eat loudly, sneeze or cough, in my presence. Thank you in advance! And if you do, please don’t cry if I make a comment.

Hate 3
Also something what is really terribly annoying if people CONSTANTLY sniffle or pick up their nose. Just blow your f*ing nose you mutt, it’s not that hard right? During my final Dutch exam , someone like that sat right in front of me and I just couldn’t concentrate. After that I called that guy a lot of names. A lot of people found it annoying but didn’t dare to say anything so it was oke. Dickhead.

Hate 4
I think this is the biggest vexation of everyone. People who waste your time. For example, you meet a nice girl, you meet up for a a couple of times and things are starting to get more serious. But then out of the blue she says she doesn’t want anything serious. That there was no ‘click’ or ‘sparkle’  or that now just  isn’t a good time. OKAY BUT JUST SAY THAT BEFORE WE EVEN START DATING. I’m so done with it.  Yes, okay there are people who think it’s fine but I’m certainly not one of them. And it happens to me every time. Every time I think ‘No this girl is going to be different’ and I put so much time and effort in it and then I get ghosted*.
*Ghosted is when someone suddenly disappears while dating and doesn’t leave any message
Stupid girls who do this. But not only girls are doing this also boys. This is really frustrating to me because it’s not fair towards the person you are meeting / dating. If you are not really  interested in someone  just let them know and don’t just disappear for no reason. Be decent and just end it, so everybody can move on.

Hate 5

SUNDAYDRIVERS. People, if you can’t drive then don’t do it. All drivers think you’re annoying, shame on you. On sunday I often drive to a hockey game. And then I would like to be able to just drive as normal as possible. Don’t drive with 120 km/h on the highway, use the left lane when it’s not necessary or insert on the road if you see me coming.
Okay, sometimes they simply don’t see it. But often ther are old people who think they are privileged or something.
But not only old people, also stupid women or men who are busy with everything except paying attention to driving. The next thing is you have to pull the brakes, because they can’t drive. JUST GO AWAY.

Oké that’s enough hate for today! Did you find this column funny or relatable to read? Let me know in the comments down below and maybe we can make a weekly thing of it or something!

Kisses Justin #love


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