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Snowflakes are taking over the Netherlands

It’s that time of the year again!
Everyone’s going absolutely mental over the slightest layer of snow outside.
Within the first 10 minutes after a good night’s rest this morning the winter terms elfstedentocht (eleven city tour), horror winter and snowball fights passed at least a dozen times.
Optimism is a great quality, but at times like these I’d rather have people throw their optimism in front of a train.
Allthough, they won’t ride anyway.
Every year it’s the same, after two days where it’s been freezing slightly, you’ll be hearing the word elfstedentocht left right and centre.
I’m not the kind of guy that wants to ruin it for everyone. But the last elfstedentocht was in 1997.
At this point you can stop considering it as a tradition, but more of nostalgia. If you want to convince me with that optimism of yours that the tour will be coming regardless, please just go and swim the whole thing.

The snow does make a beautiful landscaspe. It’s a sad thing that the frozen tears in my eyes make me see as much of it as Malorie sees in Bird box (small tip, if you’re planning on watching the movie bird box, please do so blindfolded).
Rather than going into the cold I prefer seeing the pictures on Instagram from the eskimos whom are brave enough to venture into the icy cold of minus a half degree.
Obviously doing so wearing my woolly socks, whilst leaning against the heater.
If you happen to be forced to go outside, please do beware of the kids with snotcicles. Besides the increased percentage of eating some snowballs they also happen to cough 9 different flues.

I do want to end this on a positive note, winter does have its beautiful moments.
For example, this morning I saw a friend across the street. Besides the slightly frozen smile she pulled of she also decided to go for a quick wave.
She quickly pulled her arm up, until she noticed that her 3 layers of sweater and thick winter jacket made it impossible to pull her arm further up than shoulder height.
She clearly did not see that coming and her smile got this beautiful awkward touch.
With her hand on shoulder height she tries to go for the wave.
After 4 inches to the left and 4 inches to the right that also proved to be more difficult than she expected.
She wiggles the rest of her upper body to make up for the little movement her arms could make. Making the whole thing an absolutely beautiful penguin greeting.
Perhaps it’s the small things which you should enjoy this winter.

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