Update 1st of august 18:45: Unfortunately all spots are taken. This is is the reason why you can’t to sign up for the introduction weekend anymore.

Are you starting a new study (2019/2020) at Saxion ACT? (CMGT, CB or F&TT).

Start your study time with the introduction weekend of study association LiNK (LiNKtro)! From 24th of August untill 26th of August LiNK organizes a introduction camp for the students of the Academy of Creative Technologies.
During this weekend you can enjoy a lot of fun activities and games while getting to know your fellow students. So don’t worry if you don’t know anybody yet! Be prepared for your student time in Enschede so sign up for the LiNKtro by filling in the form down below! You can sign-up untill the 16th of August (but if you sign-up after the 10th of August you don’t get a t-shirt). The cost for the camp will be €35,- per person.

There will not be a hazing during this weekend. LiNK is a study association and NOT a student association.
Not convinced yet? Watch the video on the right from last year or check out our photos or videos to see what LiNK has to offer!
Also don’t forget to check out our Instagram (sv.link) to see what you can expect when you are a member :)

If you didn’t get a confirmation email whitin 5 days, please send a email to bestuur@islink.nl

Fill in all boxes, otherwise the form wil not be send!