New website!

Welcome on the new website of Study Association LiNK! We’ve been very busy and we’re proud with what we’ve accomplished! Besides that everything has had a complete make-over, we’ve also come up with some new features!

  • Column committe – It won’t be long now but soon the column committe will start making original content for Study Association LiNK. The subjects will differ, from stories about the student life to recipes and more. They will make columns on a regular basis so keep checking the website! If you’re interested in the column committee, just contact us!
  • Member portfolios – To put some members of ours in the spotlights we’ve launched the member portfolio page! It will become a complete collection of portfolios of all sort of members which both employers and other members can browse. If you want to add your portfolio, sign in and fill in the form.
  • And many small changes – Besides these big features there have been changes all over the website. So take your time and look around.

All members of LiNK will recieve an email with their new login information so you can access all our new cool features. If you aren’t a member, you can sign up here.

But this isn’t everything! Behind the scenes we’re still busy with adding new features to the website. The new website is ready for the big new feature “Us-helps-us”.

Of course, there will still be some bugs here and there. If you find any, please contact us.