How do I become a member?

Do you want to sign up for LiNK? Come to the LiNK office and fill in a sign up form or fill in the form on the site!

What can I do as a member?

Benefits! On Thursday’s you can hang you’re coat for free in Aspen Valley. In summer season you can get a free coffee or tea, if you show your membership card. You can also enjoy the beverages in San Remo with a discount and a main dish with two drinks at Poco Mucho. As a LiNK member you can get a discount at printshop Ricoh.

How much is the yearly fee?


How many people are LiNK members?

1394 members!

I don't have a Dutch bank account

That’s okay, we try to use your international bank account.

A direct debit is not possible for my bank account.

We prefer to make all payments via direct debit. Can’t activate this? If not, enter another account from which it is possible. If it really cannot be otherwise, you can also pay in cash.

I saw I received a direct debit from LiNK, but I didn' t have enough money.

Can happen, transfer it manually or bring the cash along. Also send an e-mail about this, otherwise we will try to collect it again and then you pay double, you probably don’t want that.

Sign out

Do you want to sign out a LiNK member? Send an email to You will receive a sign out form. You have to fill this in and bring it to the LiNK office. You need to sign out fore next year before 31 july.  After this your membership continues for next year.

I graduated, but I still pay the yearly fee.

That’s right, because LiNK is completely separate from the academy. For example, we do not know when you graduated and / or you no longer want to be a member of us. We assume that you are not a LiNK member for a while, but for life! That’s how we organize activities for our Alumni, so stay nice and stay LiNK!