Hello future LiNKer!

Each year, study association LiNK organizes an introduction weekend prior to the HOI week. This weekend is intended to get to know your fellow students better. In this way, the start of your study is a step easier!

The introduction weekend, also known as LiNKtro, will take place this year from 21 to 23 August in Rijssen. Our introduction committee is already busy with the preparations and we are looking forward to it !! Do not fear this camp is not a hazing. It is all about having a fantastic start to your student days. During the intro weekend you will get to know all your fellow students and maybe even classmates.

On Monday, August 23, you will be delivered to Saxion on time to attend the academy days. It is also possible to participate in the HOI week. This might be a bit easier and more fun now that you already know some people from LiNK :)!

Sign-up here!

After you have registered you will receive an email with all the information, which will be no more than two weeks before the introduction weekend! The costs for the introduction weekend are € 35.00. For this you get a super fun weekend, two nights in a camping farm, more than enough food and drink and of course an unforgettable experience!

Be quick, because full = full!

Any questions? You can always email, call, text me or send me a carrier pigeon. I am already very much looking forward to it!

Hopefully I'll see you then! 


Annick Nieuwenhuys

Chairman introduction weekend of LiNK