How do I become a member?

Do you want to sign-up as LiNK member? Click the sign-up button in the menu at the top of the website! You can sign up easily online through our website.

What can i do as LiNK member?

At our office on the 7th floor of the Epy Drost building you can get free coffee and thea and enjoy snacks and cold drinks through our snacksystem. Appart from that LiNK offers discounds and benifits for company's and locations in Enschede. For the most recent benifits, check our sponsors/benifits page in the menu.

How much is the yearly fee?


How many members does LiNK have?

Every year we have new members, our members grow faster than we can update this page. The amount of members is at least above 1000 and because of that we are the biggest study association of Saxion!

I don't have a Dutch bank account

If you have an IBAN there is no problem. If you don't we will try to take the money from your international bank account and contact you if we run into any issues.

I saw I recieved a direct debit from LiNK but I didn't have enough money

Can happen, transfer it manually or bring the cash along. Also send an e-mail about this, otherwise we will try to collect it again and then you pay double, you probably don’t want that.


Do you want to sign out a LiNK member? Send an email to bestuur@islink.nl. You will receive a sign out form. You have to fill this in and bring it to the LiNK office. Or you scan it to pdf and send it back to bestuur@islink.nl. You need to sign out fore next year before 31 july.  After this your membership continues for next year.

I graduated but I still pay the yearly fee

That’s right, because LiNK is completely separate from the academy. For example, we do not know when you graduated and / or you no longer want to be a member of us. We assume that you are not a LiNK member for a while, but for life! That’s how we organize activities for our Alumni, so stay nice and stay LiNK!