In our association we have a number of committees that help keep the association running.

The committees are managed by the board.

LiNK is nothing without its committees. That’s why it’s important that there are people who are committed to their association! The number of people in a committee varies a lot, but there is always a chairman. Sometimes there is a permanent secretary in a committee, but is can be alternated.

INTER Do you love culture and would you like to organize cool activities together with people from all over the world? Sign up for the inter committee!

CMGT Are you a CMGT student and  would you love to organize awesome activities with an educational aspect? Would you like to organize cool workshops, lectures and a big event for a good cause? Join the CMGT committee!

FTT Are you a Fashion & Textile Tech student and would you like to organize outings that are related to the textile world? Join the textile committee!

LiNKING The LiNKing committee is responsible for the organization of study excursions and activities such as ice skating, tours and television broadcasts.

PROMO Do you like to create posters? Would you like to promote LiNK with flyers or merchandise? Than the Promo commit-tee is the perfect committee for you!

PARTY Are you a real party animal with great organizing qua-lities? Do you have what it takes to organize amazing parties? If so, this is the perfect committee for you!

FIFO Do you have affinity for photography, film or editing (or all of them)? Would you like to make pictures or film during activities? Sign up for the FiFo committee!

STUDYTRIP Are you a real holiday expert? Are you adventurous and do you love to travel? Make sure the annual studytrip will be amazing by signing up for the studytrip committee!

INTRO Did you have a great intro and would you like to ensure that others can experience one as well? Organize the introduction for the upcoming freshmen.

SPORT Are you totally into sports? Are you willing to organize participation in the largest relay race of Europe, participation in the soccer tournament and any other sport related activities?

Do you want to know more about the committees? Walk into the LiNK office on the 7th floor at the van Galenstraat, or just send an email to

We hope to welcome you as a new active member in one of our committees!

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