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Open activities

Film festival visitors 🎥

Come to Concordia en watch some films made by students!
On the 22nd of March, we wil watch these films together in Concordia.
You are welcome at 7:30 pm and the films will start at 8pm.
Sign up so we can reserve a spot for you 🙂

When: 22nd of March
What time: 7:30pm
Where: Concordia, Enschede
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JiuJitsu cursus

On the 21st of March we will get a lesson jiujitsu 🤩. Jiujitsu is a Japanese martial arts and a system of close combat (unarmed or with a minor weapon) that can be used in a defensive or offensive manner to kill or subdue one or more weaponless or armed and armored opponents. Do you want to learn these techniques? Sign up and become a real Jackie-Chan! 💪🏼 Sign up here!
Come in sport clothes.

When: 21st of March
What time: 19:30 - 21:00
Where: Sportshall Spinnerstraat 27


Lustrum week 3 🐼🧡

It's already time for lustrum week 3. 🐼🧡With this form you can sign up for:
1. Casino Night (8th of march)
2. Anti Hangover Brunch (9th of march)
3. Foxhunt (14th march)

The other forms will follow

Attention: These are 3 different forms in 1

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Sign-up LiNK filmfestival 🎬

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Have you always wanted to make a short movie and watch it on a big screen? 😯
Sign up to join the LiNK filmfestival! On February 2nd 2022 we will watch the short films at an amazing location. Also, the films will be judged by a jury.

Will you make the winning short film?
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Activities for members only

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