Welcome to LiNK!

LiNK is the Study Association of the Academy of Creative Technologies from Saxion, Enschede. The English studies Art & Technology (with the study route Game Creation & Producing) and Textile Engineering Management are part of the Academy as well as the Dutch courses ‘Kunst & Techniek, Media, Informatie en Communcatie and Technische Commericiële Textielkunde. Besides this you can also join if you study Game Technology & Producing.  LiNK was founded on the 21st of September 2001 and currently has more than 1300 members. LiNK is biggest and most active association of Saxion.

What does LiNK do?

LiNK is the connection between the student, study and future work field. During your study LiNK organises workshops, seminars, guest lectures, parties, drinks, movie nights, the yearly study trip, introduction and many more (study related) activities. LiNK also offers her members discounts on books and other study materials. At the same time LiNK also offers other exclusive offers and discounts for her members.


Become an active member of LiNK! Within the study association we know many committees. They organise the party’s, movie nights, promotion of LiNK, workshops or the introduction for new students. They also plan the yearly study trip. We’ve visited many cities including Paris, Berlin, London, Milan, Prague, Budapest, Copenhagen, Cracow and Bratislava. For more information about the committees please have a look at the menu at the top of the website or click here. For more information about the membership click here.