Working together on ambition and growth, we embrace that. Our team provides tailor-made network solutions, so that your company performs better. Contact us to discover what we can do for your company. We are ready for you 24/7.

Aspen Valley

Aspen Valley is the party cafe of Enschede and the surrounding area! This is the place where you want to be! A party or an evening out is an experience. Our specialty is the bar that spins, the cozy bartenders and professional flair and cocktail shakers and of course the hippest records from then until now! We always make it one big party and your evening a complete success!

“Before you know it, you are a student. So prepare yourself well for your career. With Eqib you are assured of a great start! They can actively help you in the form of personal advice to ensure that you You can fulfill your ambitions, they are a full service HR agency based in Hengelo and do everything to develop you on a personal level. They can offer you this:

  • A very extensive network of interesting organizations from the Eastern Netherlands
  • Experienced recruiters who see opportunities and find that one dream job for you: a job that fits you optimally within an organization in which you feel at home
  • Vacancies in many different fields. For all current vacancies, view the website:
  • Professionals with a focus on the “human factor” who can help you through, for example, assessments and talent analyzes to map out your personal characteristics and development opportunities
  • Coaching & training in various areas; such as talent development where you become aware of your talents, how you develop and deploy them
  • You are always welcome to come and meet us. Read more on the website or contact us on 074 349 40 74 or

“Study Store is a supplier of study books and educational services to students and educational institutions in MBO / HBO / WO, study associations, companies and government bodies. Order your books with a discount as a LiNK member at Study Store!”


Mitra is one of the largest specialty drink shops in the Netherlands, with a huge range of drinks and everything to do with it. Whether it’s a nice specialty beer, a sublime wine, a cool drink or an exquisite cognac, you’ve come to the right place at Mitra.

Harry's stoffen

In order to give you an impression of our store and the range, we hope to give you an overview of what we can get with us. We offer a very extensive collection in fashion, decoration, curtain, net curtains, inbetween fabrics and window decoration, which are supplemented every week with the latest fashion colors and trends. In addition, there are of course the corresponding supplies for both fashion and decoration / curtain fabrics available in a wide selection from us.

Supplying and printing, embroidery of textiles and accessories and also lettering for cars, advertising signs, shops etc.

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