After a couple of sober Burundi-like column years, the new LiNK board has found the defibrillator of the column group. Where columns used to be posted almost never or very irregular, this is going to change. Multiple subject will be discussed. From funny nonsense to serious social-cultural stories. You can agree and disagree. Columns should dislodge feelings, be a bat in the hen house and/or awaken a discussion and create new insights. We would like to receive reviews on our columns. This way we can make sure that the columns stay interesting, shard and relevant.

Every LiNK-columnist has his/her own beliefs. This way we make sure you hear as much opinions as possible. Let’s make sure we can have a new and interesting columns year this year.

The LiNK board is not responsible for the content of the columns. If you disagree with the content, you should speak directly to the writer of the column.

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